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Based on 5 years’ experience in web development, Kooboo CMS has been developed to satisfy all your web development needs we are constantly working on simplifying the development process giving you complete freedom over development. Kooboo CMS 4.0 is based on the ASP.NET MVC 4 framework and Microsoft Metro Style UI.

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The solution to multilingual websites
The best solution to multilingual website problem using site inheritance and content broadcasting

User friendly
Designing, building and maintaining your website can be as easy as creating a document in Microsoft Office. Even inexperienced users can develop and deploy a dynamic website within 30minutes.

Endless possibilities
There is no limit to what you can do using Kooboo CMS.

How to install

- Download the file from download tab and unzip to your web folder.
- Setup a website in IIS and point the file directory to your unzipped folder.
- Fire up your browser and login to the CMS
User: admin
Pass: admin

System requirement
- IIS 5.0 and up
- ASP.NET Framework 4.0
- IIS website supports ASP.NET MVC
- Under IIS 5.0 & 6.0, wildcard file extension must be setup to be executed by ASP.NET engine in order for ASP.NET MVC framework to work correctly.

What is new in Kooboo CMS 3.0

  • HTML based UI instead of old JavaScript based
  • Visual sitemap and site cluster
  • Xcopy and incremental deployment
  • Razor and Nvelocity view engine
  • Easier and quicker content management
  • Media library
  • Inline page designer
  • Inline content editing
  • URL customization
  • Code helper
  • Data query designer
  • Performance improvement, Supports of MongoDB, RavenDB, MSSQL, SQLCE, Mysql and XML based database.
  • Workflow
  • Content broadcasting for multilingual website
  • Full text search


Sites and users
- Role based user management
- Unlimited users & websites
- Site cluster and inheritance.
- Item Relation management
- Page visual designer.
- SEO friendly URL

Content management
- Custom Content type
- Validation
- Version control
- Media library
- datarule data query designer
- Inline editing
- Workflow
- Content broadcasting and sharing
- Full text search

- Layout & content display view
- Resource management
- Plugin & module development
- Theme and JavaScript
- Menu builder
- Full text search
- code helper
- Xcopy deployment and incremental deployment.

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