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Kooboo CMS 4.1.0

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Downloads: 2077
Released: May 10, 2013
Updated: May 14, 2013 by kooboo
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Release Notes

IMPORTANT NOTE: This release contains some breaking changes and new exciting features

Breaking changes

Downgrade the .NET framework from .NET 4.5 to .NET 4.0.
.NET 4.5 does not support Windows Server 2003 or earlier versions. and most of hostings like Godaddy do not support .NET 4.5 yet.

You have to recompile your all plugins and modules which base on Kooboo CMS 4.0.2 and earlier. You need to refer to the new Kooboo dll and recompile your plugins or modules.

Excited features

A/B test
A/B test is a methodology of doing experiments on your website with different variants. A/B test rules can be applied to an entire websites or to some pages only. A/B rules can be based on IP, User-agent device, URL query string or percentage random. You can use it to experiment your websites or use it to render different websites/pages to different devices or IP addresses.

In the page visual designer, you can now add a component called Proxy to your page. It can request a remote URL and render it into current page. This can be used to for example, run PHP modules within Kooboo CMS.

This feature is under beta testing now.
We have released a website that contains collections of Kooboo CMS site templates. Find it at:

We encourage users to export their kooboo cms websites and upload them there. We have included two website templates from it in the default Kooboo CMS download.

Other updates

  • Add request view directly function. Using "@Url.FrontUrl().ViewUrl("Index",new { key = "hello"})" to generate the view URL. This can be used for example, AJAX request to a view content.
  • Submission setting feature. A new submission mechanism to replace the old Submission service. More sercure, more flexible. To create a sumission plugin you need to implement the interface of "ISubmissionPlugin".
  • Refacted IPagePlugin as two interfaces: IPagePlugin and IHttpMethodPagePlugin to keep the downward compatibility with Kooboo CMS3.
  • Add SSLRequired setting in page. You can force a page to use SSL https link now.
  • Redesign menu order setting. Now the pages both in the sitemap or in the page list grid are sorted based on their order in the menu. You can drag and drop to change the orders now.
  • Add more custom error functions. Now inlcudes siteofflined, you can redirect users to a special page when site is offlined.
  • Add disk based static page. You can cache a dynamic page into DISK for faster performance.
  • Add site wide HTML Meta setting. Can be found in the site setting, used to append global site wide text to the HTML meta tag.
  • Add Unique validation rule for content type.
  • Restore ImageCrop control type.
  • Add sortable grid to category selection windows.
  • New content query API: WhereIsNullOrEmpty
  • Add IsNull and NotNull in data rule setting.

Bugs fixed:

  • Paging setting issue on data rule.
  • Server transer issue on IIS 7.
  • Site offline page redirect issue.
  • Various other issues.

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